When skin obsessed beauties want to improve their overall skintone and texture, one of their first steps is a microdermabrasion. It’s been called the “half hour facelift” or “glowing skin miracle worker”. A microdermabrasion treatment is the mechanical abrasion of the epidermis. It is a minimally invasive procedure that is typically performed by a licensed […]


Mom Knows Best! I should have listened when Mom told me how to look younger longer! Growing up, she insisted I wear sunscreen anytime I was going to be exposed to the sun’s harmful UV rays. In high school, however, I discovered that a nice golden tan seemed to made my face look healthier and […]

Incredible exfoliating treatment Microdermabrasion

“I’m terrible with names but I never forget a face”.  This common phrase is proof that your face often leaves others with more of an impression than anything written on a business card.  With that being the case, doesn’t it make sense that you spend a little extra time caring for it? Your dentist recommends […]