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Consider this my formal petition to change the name of Chemical Peels to Skin Peels. The word “chemical” reminds me of a scary science project gone wrong. A Skin Peel (using chemicals), however, improves the overall look and feel of your skin and seems like the answer to a prayer. Not only do skin peels reduce fine lines, they can treat wrinkles, treat certain types of acne and reduce sun damage including age spots. One slight word change and suddenly we are smitten.

Here’s the real deal about skin peels. As we age, dead skin cells don’t slough off as easily as when we are younger. This leads to skin issues that are often difficult to treat with at-home remedies. With a skin peel, certified aestheticians will consult with you to understand your goals and will then recommend a peel that work best for your skin type and desired outcome (peels range from light to deep and are customized depending on the unique needs of each client).

A chemical solution is either applied lightly or rubbed more vigorously onto the skin being treated using a sponge or cotton pad. For light to medium peels, you may experience a slight tingling sensation that is quickly neutralized. Light to medium peels require little to no downtime with beautiful immediate results. With stronger peels, you will likely experience a few days where your skin feels like a sunburn that is shedding off. According to our clients, however, a few days of hibernation is insignificant when you consider the outcome – beautiful, smooth, young-looking skin.

My very first strong peel was intimidating, I won’t pretend it wasn’t. But since I had all the knowledge and felt complete trust in my aesthetician, I was ready to go. There is a noticeable sensation for a moment or two but not as scary as I anticipated and it quickly neutralized to normal. I spent a day or so with my skin feeling tight, almost like an invisible mask that no one could see but me. That was followed by a few days of the skin on my face peeling and flaking. Nothing too extreme. After about 5 days, the process was over and my fine lines vanished! My tired “Mommy gets no sleep” face looked youthful and fresh. I literally peeled my way to healthy skin!

In the facial world, Fall is a popular Skin Peel Season, the perfect time to help your skin recover from summer and prepare for the holidays. Whether you are a peel regular or want to try it for the first time, contact Bio2 Skin Studio. No matter what the season, we want to help you FALL in love with your skin.