Real beauty is courage

Real beauty is courage

Ladies, everywhere you turn, there is an ad selling the latest cosmetics, jewelry and designer clothing. These ads are eye-catching and inviting and they feed on our desire to feel beautiful. As Beauty Editor, isn’t it my job to share which of these will, in fact, work and transform us from the ugly duckling to the beautiful swan? If that’s the case, I’m in trouble because the truth is, NONE of these things make a person beautiful. We know this deep down. We’ve been told beauty is on the inside countless times but what does that really mean? It means that beauty doesn’t come from a face cream. You won’t gain it by using a great Instagram filter and you can’t earn it in the gym. Real beauty is kindness. Real beauty is courage. It is love. And it can’t be bought.

But before you run out and burn your new lace Victoria’s Secret bra to make a stand for inner beauty, I want to introduce you to an underrated concept called “self care”. Often times society places women in two categories – those who spend all of their time and money on their own desires or those who completely self-sacrifice in order to feel like they are effectively taking care of everyone else. Self-care doesn’t want you to love ONLY yourself but it doesn’t want you to leave yourself out either. We are mothers, wives, daughters and friends but we are also women. And we need balance.

Have you ever wondered why flight attendants advise you to place the oxygen mask on yourself first before tending to your children? The reason is because we can’t help others if we aren’t ok. So will the daily run or the monthly facial define your beauty? No. But if it gives you a boost of confidence needed to be your best self, go for it! If you want to walk taller in new Spring shoes or smile brighter with professional teeth whitening, you should definitely do it. Then, when you find yourself whole and complete and confident, you can and should extend your heart and hand to others. That, my friends, is beautiful.

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